We need to take inspiration and philosophical thinking where ever we can find them. Truth, insight, and wisdom sometimes can only be illustrated in fiction and art. Throw in some fun and you have a little-known movie from 2014, called Chef.

We get treated to a chef perfecting his craft and stretching for more. But sometimes the world is not ready for the stretch and nor are we. Chance, good friends, and following our calling is reparative if we are flexible and can handle being lost, deeply lost from time to time.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this little film, but seize the opportunity to learn about being stuck and unstuck. Especially look for:

  • the ups and downs of the creative life
  • the creativity that can come out of the downs.
  • the unexpected spin-offs of doing something, anything
  • the obsessiveness that can be a powerful and life-enhancing magic
  • the outcome of playing it safe
  • the severe critics that we completely hate but actually have something to teach us
  • the power of always being on the move. Even doing something small counts. Doing something, anything keeps some sort of deep creative muscularity, taut.   There is no guarantee that this movement will give us everything we want, but… but sitting at home, stuck, IS guaranteed to get us nowhere, and likely, nothing.




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