Sure, we have New Year’s resolutions but what about mid-year declarations? Try making these and others of your own devising, your declaration of independence:

I declare that I will begin again, this coming week, in small ways to more fully develop my commitment to myself to bring my creativity into the world. I will start small because I enjoy discovering how my creative work can expand, piece-by-piece, in my life.

I declare that I have something to offer to the world, may that be an idea, a product, a reason to go on, help to my fellow creatives, a smile of support, or acting as a role model.

I declare that I have the unalienable right to explore, to experiment, to grow, to be puzzled, and to chase after what I consider important.

I declare that I can bounce back from no’s and from distractions, dips, and dives.

I declare that I can seek others as role models but I do not confuse their lives as my own, nor will I unduly admonish, berate, or in other manner, criticize myself for not being like those other creatives. I have my own path, my own life, my own obstacles, my own strengths,  my own potentials to deal with. Role models provide information, they are not meant to provide me the ground for self-recriminations.

I declare that I have the right to take some time to be creative. While I may face actual or imagined criticism about taking time to be creative, I know that this can be done without harm to others. In fact, as I become more creative, great benefits accrue to those around me as I at last gather my life’s meaning and potential around me, sparking great happiness for me that I pass onto others in countless ways.

I declare that I am free to have many, many what others will call “false starts.” ┬áThese are not false starts but are inquiries and experiments that feed my learning about myself and the world of creativity. I can’t grow without them.

I declare that I can follow my own voice.

I declare that I believe in myself.

I declare my independence from guilt associated with not meeting previous deadlines, missing opportunities, or not following through. When the time is right, I can look back at these experiences and learn from them. As of today, I release the burden of carrying this guilt. I face the now and the future.

I declare that I can spend money on the tools of my trade without undue guilt.

I declare a greater allegiance to my inner calling to be creative. While I will maintain my standing obligations, I will let my inner calling flourish.

I declare that, without hesitation, I will step forward to be in the community of my fellow creatives, sharing what I can and learning where I can. Regardless of where I am in my creative endeavors, I have a right to be part of this community.

It is self-evident that I have been called to be a creative and I declare to follow that calling, to the best of my abilities, to whatever, to where ever it calls me.

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  1. Great things affirmations, something we all need daily. I greatly appreciate your posting of these. “Art On!”

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