Seriously. Just as soon as you can, go produce a pile of crap. Give your best shot at: writing the worst page of fiction/non-fiction/poetry in the history of the world. Go hit a canvas with the worst materials, horrible colors, and ugly brush strokes ever cursing the eyes of humanity. Or, if photography is your thing, zero in on the most boring-assed subject, with the most boring-assed composition, with the most ineffective lighting you can find. Paper arts, fiber arts, music….no problem. Go and suck at what you do. Sit, stand, recline and do what you do but it must suck.

Better yet, bring over some of your fellow Creatives. Each Creative is given the freedom and god-given right to produce a pile of crap. Compare. Contrast. Share. Combine. Don’t forget to demonstrate your techniques of how you achieved your piece-de-crap. No Creative is free to leave the gathering until they have pushed themselves to create their worst.

Even better than that, show a non-Creative friend/loved one/work buddy/semi-stranger your newly created garbage art. Be sure to showcase/demonstrate with great flourish so no one will fail to appreciate how awful your project is. Leave no flaw go unnoticed, no project-deprecating observation go unsaid. You must use the highest melodrama, gaudy flourish, and whatever poor, poor acting you can muster.

Hold nothing back. Suck, crap, garbage, horrible, shockingly bad, guaranteed to bore, to be laughed at, or never to be thought about again. Ham-up sucking.

If you hold back or if you don’t do this exercise, you will never know what is on the other side of this experience.

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