I’m on the constant search to find what motivates us to act and what keeps us moving forward. Especially important are motivators that are not far from us when we are anything but motivated. The most enduring I have seen so far, is calling:



1. a vocation, profession, or trade.
2. a divine call or summons: a calling to the priesthood.
3. a strong impulse or inclination: an inner calling.

You know you have calling by checking your history and by watching what you do, what you regularly day-dream about, and where you go. Past or present, look for (some or all):

– that what you do in the best of times and the worst of times.
– that which most fascinates you
– that which you would never throw out of your life
– that which you do because you must do
– that which feels like a refuge, a home
Ra Paulette is called and you can see, feel, taste, touch, and smell it. No question about it. CBS Sunday Morning gives this short look at the man (video below), his amazing work, and the nature of calling. Such calling is yours if you pay attention to that which drives you and give it room to grow and create.

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