One thought on “Video: Get Some Time Back – How to Do a Time Inventory

  1. Now that I live in 2 houses or states, Virginia and Florida, my life is more confused than ever. However, I am doing my art, and entering shows. I realized that part of my problems that continue to prevent me from working on art every day, are the clutter. I just read that Japanese Lady on How to Conquer Clutter and have her suggestions in mind as I attempt to climb this slippery mountain. Clutter creeps, so each time I make progress there are always new storms happening.
    Your help on clearing time is the same as clearing the clutter. Each object that I come across, I make the same decisions. Keep, think on it, or throw out! A friend says he’ll give me money if I decide not to use eBay as a way of getting rid of stuff!! Ha! Ha!
    PS Already subscribed!

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