Get on the Creative Road Fast – Pack Light

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Starting comes from taking small energetic steps, daily. One step, then another step, and then another step.

Starting can be simple but many of us seek to pack so much before taking the first step on the creative road.

We think we have to cram education, a full resume of achievements, workshops, and other credentials into a suitcase.

Next comes the inner stuff. We know on the creative road we will bump into all manner of inner chatter coming from the  internalization of the big influences in our lives. Such as what our parents, siblings, and grade school friends thought about creativity, our chances of getting anything done, and other judgments we soaked up from them.

We think if we just get all of those inner people lined up, we can then head out on the creative road. This is putting our creative journey on hold until we can pack “permission slips” from these inner critics. Good luck. We will be waiting decades to get those inner permission slips.

Our packing is way out of control. How many trunks are we going to need?

Keep in mind, as we are packing and packing, more and more people are walking past us with small, simple bags thrown over their shoulders. There not waiting to get everything together. These people are getting way down the road, out of our sight and living an adventure, experiencing a life we know nothing about. Yet, we continue our packing.

phrenology_headil_570xN.35220982Notions to Get (in our heads):

No one who has ever walked the creative road had everything he/she needed before taking the first steps.

No one has had all the character traits, abilities, accomplishments, education, or native interests before starting down the creative road. The creative road is way too complex. We don’t know of every twist and turn and need before we get out there and travel.

Something is always missing.

Some things can’t be packed because they are only developed travelling ON the road, not in our heads, thinking about  travel.

We can’t pack what we don’t know to pack. Most of us have projects and project areas where we have never worked before so how can we know what to pack?


Solution Actions

1. Consider your risk
Of course, we need to be cautious with some journeys, such as those requiring a sharp departure. For instance, quitting a job and jumping into something else. That takes more preparation, but the majority of people visiting The Stuck Creative are looking at low risk activities and projects. Starting a blog post, a painting, a first screenplay, first song, etc. Low risks activities require very, very little packing.

  1. Stop thinking so much
    Over-thinking is sure sign of not thinking well. It is not proportional to the job at hand. It’s a sign of fear, not prudent smarts. Don’t trust over-thinking so much.
  1. Put emphasis on getting on the road and finding any means: tiny, semi-tiny, small, or medium to get you out there a.s.a.p.
    That means:

looking around for opportunities to do tasks that are already out on the road so you have to go out there and work on them. Examples: workplace projects; volunteer work; offering your skills to friends; competitions…anything that can challenge you to do work in your field sooner than you might otherwise do things, ending the cycle of holding back and packing, packing and holding back.


Don’t delay. Simply start, start simply.