We can be too naive about how we experience our creative work and that’s why procrastination can come up. If we stroll into our work sessions without the right mindset about what is going to happen, we frequently will be in for a wild ride!

Creative work requires us to: venture into places and processes that hold unknowns; we have to be open to “accidents” because we know that they can give us valuable new directions; we have to maintain our vision to get to a distant end, and we commonly have to control our doubts, frustrations, fatigue, and distractions.

The experience is even more challenging when we have been away from our work for a while or are especially disconnected. Admit it, your experience of your work sessions can be tough and sort of painful. With ups and downs almost minute to minute. Not always, but enough of the time.

Today, we borrow from fairy tales the notion that witches, wolves, and trolls may be waiting for us when we work. If we know and accept challenges are ahead we can be ready for what comes our way.

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