We need to regularly learn how to stand alone, use our own inner creative resources, in our own way.   

Set aside time to be simple, free, and above all, you.

Turn away and release, in this pause, the advice of others and discover your own counsel.

Go away from your books,
your charts, recordings, and diagrams.
Close your eyes.
Stop looking.

Withdraw from teachers,
mentors and advisors,
friends, and enemies.
Stop listening.
Close your ears. 

Put down your gadgets and tools.
Open your hands. 

Stay in place and stop traveling to learn.
Don’t move. 

Stop demanding your mind open for even more feeding.
It is not hungry.  

Stop chasing after what you think you are lacking.  

Stop demanding your heart fear what you might not know.   


Turn on the lamp of trust and let its light be your guidance.

Trust what you have already learned.   

Trust what you already own.  

Trust what you have already seen, what you have already heard.  

Trust what your hands and body can already do. 

Trust what you already are. 


Be free. Be free to create from you.  



Artist: Pamela Coleman Smith
Creator: Arthur Edward Waite
Publisher: William Rider and Son, 1910

Image adjustments: Pixlr-O-Matic